Meet Our Founders

Ross and gavinRoss Browne (left) and Gavin Quigley (right) have been brewing beer and collaborating on product design ideas for nearly half a decade. They co-founded Next Level Brewing in 2014.

Ross’s homebrewing journey began in 1995 with one can of hopped malt extract, two plastic buckets, a three gallon pot on his kitchen stove, and a dog-eared copy of Charlie Papazian’s The Joy of Homebrewing. What started as a casual hobby became more of a quiet obsession as he made the leap to all-graining, did his BJCP training, joined the leadership committee of his local homebrew club, and began getting recognition in regional and national homebrew competitions. As his batches got bigger and his beer got better, he began contemplating the wide range of tools and products needed to make his brew day run smoothly. Some of these already existed; others he had to design and build himself. Others still could be improved or brought down in cost.  His brew day discussions with friend and future co-founder of Next Level Brewing made it clear he wasn’t alone in this.

Gavin  may have been a late bloomer when it came to homebrewing, but he made up for lost time by jumping straight into all-graining with the help of Chapter 19 from How to Brew by John Palmer and brewing a damn good beer right out the gate. Gavin has since brewed dozens of batches, won medals at local, state, and national competitions, sent a handful of beers to the 2nd round of NHC, became a BCJP Certified Beer Judge, and became an officer with his local homebrew club.

With 15 years of experience as a mechanical engineer, Gavin was quick to find ways to improve his beer and brew days with tools, gadgets, and modifications to existing hardware. His ongoing brewing collaboration with Ross led to a series of product ideas that they both felt could serve the homebrewing community in meaningful ways, and with that sentiment Next Level Brewing was born.

Ross Browne

Co-owner, Director of Business Development

Gavin Quigley

Co-owner, Director of Product Development

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