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  • We HIGHLY recommend you take a minute to plan out your Carboy Bumper pad locations.

  • Wear rubber gloves during installation.  This is not necessarily to protect your hands, but to prevent you from accidentally touching the clean surface of the carboy once it is prepared.   Finger oil or grease on your carboy surface will degrade the performance of the adhesive.

  • It may be necessary to trim or cut the Carboy Bumper pads to a custom shape.  If the geometry of your carboy is a bit smaller and you want to get that last pad in place.  All you need is a sharp pair of shears or an exacto blade.  It is best to cut the pad to shape prior to peeling off the adhesive backing.

Care and use of your Carboy Bumpers:

  • We have tested the Carboy Bumpers extensively with the goal of exposing our product to all normal brewing abuse  practices.  Cleaning, sanitizing, storing, fermenting, rinse and repeat.  We stand by our product but there are some limitations.

  • For best long term performance, keep Carboy Bumpers dry.  Water exposure is inevitable and should not pose a problem short term.  Allow to air dry after water exposure.

  • Limit contacting the installed Carboy Bumper with alkaline and oxygen based cleaners as well as acids as much as possible (keep those inside your carboy). Brewery cleaners are designed to break down bonds like adhesives.  Occasional exposure is fine and has not shown to ruin the adhesive bond in our testing.  Rinse with room temperature water and allow to air dry for after exposure to cleaner or sanitizing solutions

  • To clean the Carboy Bumper, wipe with a wet cloth.  Never clean with solvents.  Solvents, like rubbing alcohol, will degrade the adhesive bond rapidly.

  • Over time, the Carboy Bumper may exhibit minor peeling at edges or the adhesive may “stretch” at edges of the pad.  This is normal and will not affect Carboy Bumper performance.  Press and hold pad back in place.

  • Never use the Carboy Bumper as a grip for lifting or moving a carboy!  

  • Always follow your carboy manufacturer's handling instructions.

  • Warning:  Using the Carboy Bumper cannot guarantee your safety.  Please be careful!

Relax.  Don't Worry.  Fermenting in glass is much more comfortable now.

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